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Autumn Approaching

[PROMPT: You are a tree and are scared of losing all your leaves. Autumn is fast approaching.]

Autumn is fast approaching, and with it the fear that I've found myself dreading all year long. Despite this fear, I did not run, nor did I cower. I hadn't the ability to do so even if I wanted to. What could bring me to such worry, you may ask? My leaves, once shimmering in a bright green hue against a warm summer backdrop, swaying gently in an open field, were starting to change. Their proud viridescent tone replaced with damp shades of brown and red. To most, these were beautiful. But to me, they were horrifying and sorrowful. They symbolized the end of the warmth, and the end of the calm that had represented the last few months of my existence. They symbolized the death of an era, however short that era may have been. I watched as days went by, then weeks. With each passing minute, my sense of self was depleting. I could feel a few of my leaves begin to fall, slowly, silently onto the ground below me. Was this how it would be? No dramatic flair, or big event. But a slow fade into infinite nothingness. I had only felt this fear once before, though I couldn't remember what for. The past was of no importance to me though, not now at least. The only thing I cared about was the future. My beautiful leaves falling one by one.

This anxious feeling would only continue to build up over the course of the next few weeks. As more and more of me was stripped away, branches once filled with life were barren, leaving merely sticks and limbs which spiraled and stretched in all directions. It wasn't until the last day that the culmination of all my fears and anxieties finally manifested itself in the form of a storm. I had felt it for miles. I had seen it creep closer and closer to me. And now I faced it directly. I didn't have many leaves left; this storm alone could take them all out. The feeling of dread only grew as I felt the wind get closer and start flowing over me. It's strength, shaking and twisting my limbs, swaying my branches in all directions. There was no pain, only an uncomfortable feeling of loss as I felt more and more of my leaves leaving me, falling gracelessly down as the rain started to crash down upon me. This feeling, I couldn't quite place it, but it was both alien and familiar as if I had felt it before, but I knew I hadn't, I couldn't have, could I? My thoughts, though beginning to spiral like the wind around me, were cut short as I felt the last of my leaves fall. Three left, one hitting the ground softly, another following, and the last blown helplessly away, it's destination unknown to me but its presence missed, nonetheless.

The scene was intense, but soon all fell silent, and then black. Sleep. Peace. All of the emotions which only a few seconds prior, I couldn't have ever imagined myself feeling again. I felt a wave of cold hit me, though it wasn't uncomfortable or worrying, the opposite actually; it was rather inviting and comforting. What had I been so worried about? I searched my mind but, couldn't place what. The issue which had seemed all too important to me mere moments ago was now but a fading memory. Something I couldn't even remember. If I couldn't remember, could it have been all that bad? Did I have to be so afraid? I felt the cold feeling start to subside, realizing that whilst lost in my thoughts I had also been neglecting the passage of time. It seemed as if no time had passed at all, but as I opened my eyes once more to gaze upon the field I sat by. The warm Spring air flowing around me. I felt, content. Happy. My leaves, my brand-new leaves, boasted their bright green color proudly to the world, swaying gently in the wind. I looked forward, with the excitement of the summer ahead of me. I had nothing to fear, not now at least. After all, Autumn is fast approaching, and with it the vision of a brighter, beautiful tomorrow.


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